Various Recommended Seasonings

Recommended Seasonings Deeper

I’m sure you enjoyed Japanese food when you came to Japan. Soy sauce and miso are known as typical seasonings used in Japanese cooking. Here are some of my favorite seasonings that are easier to use and that I use regularly.

Seasonings sold at supermarkets are written only in Japanese, so I’ve included examples of Japanese notations to help you find them.

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Yuzu Kosho

It is a mixture of Yuzu(Japanese citron) peel, green chili pepper and salt that has been ground and matured. The pungency and Yuzu flavor is pretty strong. It was originally made and eaten in the Kyushu region. It is now available nationwide, but outside of Kyushu, you should go to a large supermarket. In addition to the yellow-green ones, some are red. You can also find the Yuzu Kosho flavor in snacks such as potato chips.

Yuzu Japanese citron

Examples of use

・Instead of mustard on a sandwich.

・Used as a condiment for steak and grilled fish.

・Instead of wasabi for sashimi.

In Japanese



A soup stock made with bonito or kelp and boiled down with soy sauce. Although it is supposed to be diluted with water and used as a dipping sauce for soba and udon noodles, it is actually a versatile seasoning. Mentsuyu is all you need when making Japanese food or when you want a Japanese flavor. Different manufacturers make different kinds of soup stock, so the taste is slightly different. It looks just like soy sauce, so make no mistake!

Japanese soba noodles with Mentsuyu

Examples of use

・For seasoning Japanese dishes such as boiled dishes.

・Add olive oil for dressing.

In Japanese



If you think mayonnaise is available in your country, wait a minute! Did you know that Japanese mayonnaise is so good that it is used by the world’s top chefs?

The difference is in the raw materials. Made with only egg yolks and rice vinegar, it has a rich, soft acidity. By adding umami seasoning, it goes well with any dish. Since the main manufacturer is Kewpie, Japanese mayonnaise is sometimes called Kewpie, but the taste is not so different in other manufacturers. Bottle-shaped containers that can be extruded are also convenient.


Examples of use

・Try using it like mayonnaise in your country.

・Japanese way of using it. Japanese mayonnaise is perfect for takoyaki or okonomiyaki. It’s also delicious mixed with tuna and mayonnaise and served over rice.

In Japanese



The original ponzu is made by adding vinegar to citrus fruits such as lemon, yuzu and kabosu. Today, soy sauce or soup stock is usually added to it. It is made by adding sour taste to mentsuyu. The flavor varies depending on the type of citrus used and the broth used.

Examples of use

・As an essential dipping sauce for shabu-shabu(thinly sliced meat boiled quickly with vegetables). In the same way, use it as a dipping sauce for heated vegetables.

・Mix with mayonnaise for a creamy dressing.

・As a substitute for soy sauce, such as dipping in sashimi.

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Enjoy the taste of Japan when you get home!