Good places to play Pokémon GO in Tokyo

Good places to play Pokémon GO in Tokyo Pokémon

Gym battles, PokéStop dense locations

Around the West Exit of Shinjuku Station

shinjuku station

The area around Yodobashi Camera outside the west exit of Shinjuku Station is commonly known as “Pokémon Plaza,” a gathering place for Pokémon GO trainers. It is a great place to have a place to stop and concentrate on getting Pokémon and battling. People gather quickly for raid battles, and the probability of lure modules being used is quite high.

Akihabara Station Central Exit Area

The area around Akihabara Station is one of the most densely populated gym areas in Tokyo. Therefore, it is a gathering place for many trainers. If you want to stop and play, the best place is around the rotary outside the central exit or in front of Yodobashi Akiba. The Chuo-dori street outside the Denkigai Exit is a pedestrian zone during the daytime on Sundays, so it is easy to walk and play.

akihabara Chuo-dori

Around Kinshicho Station South Exit

The concentration of PokéStops and Gyms around Kinshicho Station is said to be the highest in Japan. This environment makes it easy for trainers to gather. Lure modules are also almost always in use. The area in front of the South Exit Station is a plaza, perfect for stopping to play. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Kinshicho Station to Tokyo Sky Tree. You can do some sightseeing while you make up the walking distance.

This is the kind of “gift” I want!

unique gifts

If you want to get a gift you can brag to your friends about, turn to Poké Stops at different locations in Japan! Most famous landmarks are Poké Stops where you can get gifts with impressive pictures.

(The gift above is from Senso-ji temple in Asakusa and the one below is from Odawara Castle.)

Pokémon Centers

As of 2023, there are four Pokémon Centers in Tokyo. The gifts you can get there are a bit special. There are several types, so please refer to the following list to make sure you don’t forget to pick one up!

gifts of pokemoncenter

The one with an image of the main character of the Pokémon Center.

This design is completely different at each Pokémon Center. For example, the motif of the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is Pikachu and Miraidon(This Pokémon appears in Scarlet/Violet) as of April 2023.

The ones marked with the Pokémon Center symbol.

This is the same design at all Pokémon Centers. The only difference is the name of the Pokémon Center.


Depending on the size of the Pokémon Center, Pokémon figures and murals on display may be used as PokéStops.

Blood donation rooms

There are blood donation rooms near major stations in Tokyo, and they are PokéStops. Gifts you can get there include images of Chansey. You can find them by looking for PokéStops near stations, so look for them and get them!

Poké Lids

There are gift of Poké Lids.

About Poké Lids, read this article.

Recommended places to walk and get Pokémon

Large parks are still recommended for those who want to get Pokémon and battle them while gaining walking distance.

Shinjuku Central Park

This is a large park located beyond the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building outside the west exit of Shinjuku Station. It is close to the Shinjuku hotel complex, so if you are staying in this area, why not take a morning stroll? If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku, take a break while playing Pokémon in this park. There are many PokéStops, so it is also recommended during Community Day and other ball-consuming events.

Ueno Onshi Park

This vast park is located just outside the Park Exit ticket gates of Ueno Station. It includes many museums and a zoo. It is not recommended for Pokemon during the cherry blossom season because it is crowded, but otherwise, the park is spacious and easy to stroll around. Of course, there are many PokéStops and Gyms.

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Underground walkways are OK on rainy days

Rainy, snowy, or extremely hot days are not the best days to play Pokémon GO. But sometimes you really want to play, right? In such cases, the underground passage is recommended!

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station is home to a number of intricate underground shopping areas. There is a maze of underground malls on both the east and west sides of the station. If time permits, it would be a good idea to follow the path. Of course, there are plenty of PokéStops and Gyms around the station.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is not as complex as Shinjuku Station, but it does have a long underground passageway. Some underground passageways connect to adjacent stations, so if you get too carried away with Pokémon, you may find yourself at the wrong station.

My top recommendation is…

Sunshine 60″ in Ikebukuro

Here you will find the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo. You can get gifts of Pokémon images, and of course there are plenty of PokéStops. Since this is a place where Pokémon fans gather, Raid Battles quickly attract trainers. There are also many cafes and restaurants in Sunshine City, so you can relax and play Pokémon there.

pokemon go lab
Pokemon GO Lab in Pokemon center mega Tokyo

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I hope you enjoy “Pokémon GO” in Japan.