Easy to buy in Japan Pokémon foods

Easy to buy! Pokémon foods Pokémon

Maybe you didn’t get a reservation for the Pokémon Cafe? Unfortunately, it is really hard to make reservations nowadays, so you should consider yourself super lucky if you do.

There are other Pokémon-related foods in Japan, so let me introduce them to you.

Pokémon Pan

pokemon pastries

“Pan” is the Japanese word for bread, which also includes pastries. “Pokémon Pan” is pastries sold in a bag with Pokémon on it. Inside are Pokemon stickers. There are 20 kinds of stickers, and they are changed every two months or so. Children want to buy this bread for the stickers (my nephew is one of them). 

sticker of pokemon pan

Only the pound cake is shaped like Pikachu, but the rest are just pastries. Both the bread bags and stickers have Pokemon from the Scarlet/Violet series as of June 2023.

Where to buy

Supermarkets (larger stores have more varieties. However, they are not sold in Hokkaido and Okinawa)

Koi-King Yaki

Koi-King is the Japanese name for Magikarp.

koi-king(Majikarp) yaki

Before I explain Koi King Yaki, do you know what Taiyaki is? Taiyaki is a Japanese street food baked in the shape of a fish with red bean paste (or sometimes custard cream) inside. The taiyaki is made in the shape of a Koi-King, not Tai(sea bream), and is called Koiking-yaki. It is sold at some stores of a taiyaki chain called “Kurikoan”.

Where to buy

Yokohama Station West Exit Store – Kichijoji Store (as of June 2023. Selling stores are subject to change.)

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Pokémon Snacks, Candies and more

Pokémon snacks can be found in convenience stores and supermarkets. Wafers, cookies, gum and gummy bears. They may be in the shape of Pokémon or contain stickers or cards. There are also snacks with toys in them, called “Shokugan. (Actually, the toys are the main part of the snacks, and the snacks are just a bonus.)

pokemon curry

In addition to snacks, Pokémon products are sold in cup noodles, retort curry, and Furikake. (Furikake is an item that allows you to eat rice without a side dish. Furikake is an essential part of Japanese homemade bento boxes.)

The variety may increase or decrease, but you should always be able to find some.

Where to buy

Supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Japan

Pokémon Center Limited Edition Snacks

The Pokémon Center also sells some snacks that can be purchased at supermarkets, such as those listed above. In addition, there are also limited-edition products available only at the Pokémon Center. The snacks in tins are cute, and they are ideal because you can keep them with you even after you have eaten the contents. They are often sold out, so it is best to buy them when you see them.

For more information about Pokémon Centers in Tokyo, see this article.

Pokemon’s Tokyo Souvenirs

Ever heard of the “Tokyo Banana” sweet? It is a yellow sponge cake with banana-flavored cream inside, and has long been a staple of Tokyo souvenirs. Currently, the sweets are sold in the motifs of Pikachu and Eevee. In the past, there were also Piplup products, so the contents may change from time to time.

pokemon tokyo-banana

Where to buy

“HANAGATAYA Tokyo South Pokemon Station” As of June 2023, this is the place where you can definitely buy them.

There are also places where you can buy them at New Days in major stations. It was sold at “New Days”(convenience store) in Ikebukuro station.

Chain to do Pokémon collaboration for a limited time


Starting February 9 2024, McDonald’s Happy Meals will come with a Pokémon toy when purchased!

Mister Donut (donut chain)

mister doughnuts pokemon collaborated

They release Pokémon doughnuts every winter, and the products change every year. In the past there have been Pitachu, Evee, and Jigglypuff donuts. A set of goods and doughnuts is also available almost every year. They are very popular every year, and some stores have lines of people waiting in line at the time they go on sale. 2023-2024 winter collaboration is over.

FamilyMart (convenience store)

FamilyMart is a sponsor of “Pokémon GO” and appears in the game as a gym and PokéStop. 2023 saw the release of a Frappe in collaboration with Pokémon.

frappe family mart


Baskin-Robbins is offering a Pokémon campaign every year. The campaign for 2023 is over.

It has not been determined if either chain will collaborate again in the future. I will add information here as soon as it becomes available!