All about UENO

Uncover the allure of Ueno in Tokyo, where tradition meets modernity. Explore Ueno Park's cultural treasures and stroll through Ameyoko's nostalgic streets. Experience the best of both worlds in this vibrant district.

Tokyo with Kids: Where to Go for Family-Friendly Fun

Plan the perfect family trip to Tokyo with our guide on kid-friendly attractions and activities. Discover the best spots to create lasting memories in Japan's vibrant capital.

Easy to buy in Japan Pokémon foods

Discover a delightful array of easy-to-buy Pokémon foods in Japan, perfect for those who couldn't secure a reservation at the sought-after Pokémon Cafe. While reservations may be challenging, there's no shortage of Pokémon-themed culinary delights to explore. Uncover a variety of delicious Pokémon-related treats and foods that will satisfy your cravings and immerse you in the world of Pokémon dining experiences.

Various Recommended Seasonings

Indulge in the delectable world of Japanese seasonings, including the renowned soy sauce and miso, alongside lesser-known favorites that are easy to use and loved by locals. Navigate through the supermarket aisles with confidence using provided Japanese notations, and enhance your culinary adventures with a delightful array of seasonings for your everyday Japanese cooking.

All about Shinjuku

What is Shinjuku like? I will introduce you to the places you should go and what to look out for!

You will be captivated by 100 yen stores!

If you're going to shop in Japan, go to the 100-yen store! I will also tell you what you should and should not buy.

Go to the Pokémon Center in Tokyo!

”Pokémon Center" is a special place for Pokémon fans. Two of these facilities in Tokyo are exceptional. I'll also tell you about reservations at the Pokémon Café.