You will be captivated by 100 yen stores!

you will be captivated by 100 yen stores Situations

Part of Japanese people’s daily life

As the name suggests, a 100-yen store is a store where almost everything is available for 100 yen.

Most daily necessities, household goods, food, and other items necessary for daily life can be purchased for 100 yen. Some of these items may surprise you when you hear that they can be bought for 100 yen.

The business model has been exported to other countries as well, so there may be one in your city. In Japan, 100-yen stores are familiar to us and are now an integral part of Japanese people’s lives.

In the past, 100-yen stores were mostly small local stores, but in recent years their popularity has increased, and large stores have opened in city centers and shopping malls.

In recent years, due to the global rise in prices, some items are no longer 100 yen. Check price tags carefully before buying.

cups at 100 yen shop

What are the three major 100-yen store chains?

There are three major 100-yen store chains in Japan. Each has its own characteristics, and while some products are the same, some are unique to this chain, so if you find something you like, you should buy it.
Let me introduce the features of each of them.

Daiso is the largest in both name recognition and scale. They are actively expanding their business worldwide, so there may be one in your town. They have so many products that you may have a hard time finding what you are looking for in their large stores.

Can Do
A good selection of goods from food to sundries. Compared to other chains, they have a particularly good selection of cosmetics. There are few large stores, but there are small to medium-sized stores in the city center.

Seria is popular for its fashionable products. It is especially recommended for those who want to make simple accessories and sundries by hand. There are only a few stores that sell food products.

What I buy at 100 yen stores

Cooking utensils

I buy things that are close to consumables such as ladles, spatulas, chopsticks, etc. at 100-yen stores. There are some useful cooking items that can only be bought at 100 yen stores, so I always check them out.

Wrapping supplies

Wrapping supplies are useful when giving souvenirs and gifts to friends. Vinyl bags featuring Disney characters and other characters are cute and appreciated. There is also a wide variety of masking tape, which can be used for other purposes than wrapping.

Seasonal event-related goods

100-yen stores sell event-related goods according to the season. New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, cherry blossoms, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Decorations and sweets for each event are lined up, and you can’t help but pick them up.

What I would not buy at a 100 yen store

While there are some amazing quality items sold at 100 yen stores, there are some things that I actually do not recommend.


If you are going to use it only a few times, it might be a good idea to buy it for 100 yen.


There is a whole line of laundry and cleaning detergents on the market, but unfortunately the quality is poor. 

Souvenirs from 100-yen stores

The 100-yen store is also a great place to buy souvenirs. You can use them yourself or give them as gifts to family and friends.


Socks are also available for 100 yen. Lots of cute designs! I especially recommend socks that match the season or event. Some have Japanese patterns, so if you are looking for a souvenir that is uniquely Japanese, try visiting a 100 yen store.


How about chopsticks as a Japanese souvenir? You can buy chopsticks for eating by yourself, or try the long chopsticks called “Saibashi,” which are used during cooking and are very convenient.

Derivative 300-yen stores

The 300-yen store, a derivative of the 100-yen store, is also gaining ground among the general public, selling items similar to those at the 100-yen store, but with more elaborate designs and better quality. They are also inexpensive, so they are gaining support from those who value design. The number of stores here is also increasing, so if you see one, go in!

Be sure to stop by the 100 yen stores in Japan!