Pokémon trip in Tohoku: Explore Pokémon-Related Places

Pokémon trip in Tohoku Pokémon

Did you know that Tohoku is actually a perfect place for a Pokémon trip? In this article, I will introduce the reasons and recommended places.

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Reason #1 The only Pokémon train in the world is running!

Pokemon with you train

A Pokémon train is a train that runs on the Kesennuma Line between Ichinoseki Station in Iwate Prefecture and Kesennuma Station in Miyagi Prefecture. It is filled with Pokémon inside and out. The train runs mainly on weekends, and it is difficult to get a seat, but it is a train that Pokémon fans should take at least once.

For more information about the Pokémon train and how to make reservations, please see this article.

Reason #2 Geodude, Ambassadorial Pokémon of Iwate Prefecture

poke lids in Iwate

Iwate Prefecture has set up “Poké Lids” with designs of Geodude and other Rock-type Pokémon at various locations in the prefecture. The number is gradually increasing, so check the latest information.

More information about Poké Lids, see this article.

Geodude Park

In 2023, Geodude Park was established in Kuji, a city on the Pacific coast. Here, you will find a variety of playground equipment featuring Geodude, Onix, Aerodactyl, and other Rock-type Pokémon. The park is so photogenic that everyone will want to take pictures!

Reason #3 Miyagi Prefecture is a Pokémon paradise!

Pokémon Center Tohoku

pokemon center tohoku

The only Pokémon Center in the Tohoku region is located in a shopping building just outside of Sendai Station. It is small in scale and has few photo spots. However, on weekday mornings, there are few people, so it is easy to shop. It is also easily accessible, being only one or two minutes from the west exit of Sendai Station.

Miyagi Prefecture’s Ambassadorial Pokémon is Lapras

lapras poke lids

”Poké Lids” with Lapras’s picture are installed in all cities, towns, and villages in Miyagi Prefecture. EV buses with Lapras on them also run in Sendai City. This is a bus for a very short distance that can be traveled on foot. You can get on the bus from Sendai Station. If you see one, take a picture!

Sendai Lapras bus

Sendai is a great place to play Pokémon GO

The central area of Sendai City is a shopping street with roofs stretching in all directions. The streets are wide and safe even on hot summer days and snowy days. You may even come across ”Poké Lids” while walking around! Of course, there are many PokéStops and gyms in the shopping district. If you want to play Pokémon GO in Tohoku, Sendai is the place to be.

Reason #4 There are many Chansey in Fukushima Prefecture!

Chansey Parks

As of July 2023, there are 4 Chansey parks in Fukushima Prefecture.

1.Namie Town Roadside Station Namie

2. Koriyama Kaiseizan Park

3. Showa Village

4. Aizu Yanaizu

It is recommend 1, which was the first to be established, and 2, which is easily accessible; 3 is very small, and 4 is in an area with heavy snowfall, so the playground equipment may be buried under snow in winter.

Chansey park

Abukuma Kyuko Line Lapras & Chansey Train

Abukuma Kyuko Line, a local train line connecting Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, has been running trains wrapped with Lapras, an Ambassadorial Pokémon of Miyagi Prefecture, and Chansey, an Ambassadorial Pokémon of Fukushima Prefecture, since July 2022. The station name signs at Fukushima and Tsukinoki stations are also decorated. The train’s operation dates and hours vary depending on the time of year and day, so check the website for details!


Gotta catch ’em all in Tohoku!