Wanna go on a trip to get “Poké Lids”?

Wanna go on a trip to get Poke Lids? Pokémon

Japanese manholes are diverse, and many of them are cute, beautiful, and artistic. But did you know that there are manholes with Pokémon on them?

The Pokémon Company is cooperating to promote local communities in Japan.

Efforts are underway to utilize Pokémon’s popularity and brand power to revitalize local communities. Among them, the number of municipalities installing Poké Lids is increasing every year.

So cute!

Poké Lids, artistic covers for utility holes, have recently started to be spotted in some cities. Who knows if they are of Pokémonopolistic nature? It seems that not all utility holes are man-made; rumor has it that Diglett may be responsible for digging large enough holes to be mistaken for utility holes and some artists took it upon themselves to “mark” the covers to differentiate them from ordinary ones. Where will the next “mark” be?

Quote from the official website

This is what the actual Poké Lids looks like.

poke-lids in miyagi
Poké Lids in Miyagi Pref.

Poké Lids official site

Poké Lids | Pokémon Local Acts
Event highlights, goods, artistic utility hole covers and other features related to collaborative projects designed to p...

Ambassadorial Pokémon

As of May 2023, there are eight prefectures that have set up Pokémon to support their prefectures. They contribute to their area by holding events utilizing those Pokémon and selling souvenirs in collaboration with local specialties.


Vulpix/ Alola Vulpix

You can also meet Vulpix, especially Alola Vulpix, which is perfect for Hokkaido, an area with heavy snowfall.

Iwate Prefecture

Geodude/ Alola Geodude

The prefecture’s name, Iwate, means rock in Japanese. They depict Geodude and rock-type Pokémon.

poke lids in Iwate
Hanamaki city, Iwate Pref.

Miyagi Prefecture


In Miyagi Prefecture, all cities, towns, and villages in the prefecture have already installed Poké lids, and Lapras played an active role in the reconstruction events following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Lapras in Sendai Station
I saw a mural like this at Sendai Station.

Fukushima Prefecture


Chansey, the bringer of happiness, is the cheering Pokémon for Fukushima Prefecture. There is also a Chansey park in the prefecture.

Mie Prefecture


Oshawott became a supporting Pokémon because of the similarity between the Japanese Pokémon name (Mijumaru) and the prefecture name.

Kagawa Prefecture


Slowpoke Park

Kagawa Prefecture is also known as Udon Prefecture because of its famous Udon noodles. Slowpoke is ”Yadon” in Japanese, and the joke was adopted because of its resemblance to the sound of “Udon”. Poké Lids have already been installed in all cities, towns, and villages, and a “Slowpoke Park” was created in 2023.

Tottori Prefecture

Sandshrew/ Alola Sandshrew

Tottori Prefecture, famous for the largest sand dunes in Japan, has chosen Sandshrew as its supporting Pokémon. Poké Lids have already been installed in all cities, towns, and villages.

Miyazaki Prefecture

Exeggutor/ Alola Exeggutor

Miyazaki Prefecture is called the tropics because of its mild climate.For this reason, Exeggutor, which looks like a palm tree, was chosen as the cheering Pokémon.

It will take a considerable amount of time to visit all of the Poke Lids located throughout Japan. There are places that cannot be reached by public transportation alone, so a rental car is necessary. It would be better to visit the places that are easy to reach and not to be greedy.

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Tokyo’s Poké Lids Spots

For those of you who think it is too far away to go anywhere, there are Poké Lids for you. There are Poké Lids  in front of “The National Museum of Nature and Science” and “The Tokyo National Museum”, which is just 5 minutes away from the Park ticket gate of Ueno Station. Since they are located in places where you can see them without a ticket, I recommend you to actually see what they are like.

Would you like to visit Poké-lids?