JR East Pokémon Stamp Rally 2023

JR East Pokémon Stamp Rally 2023 Pokémon

Holding period

From July 14 to August 13, 2023.

How to Participate

There is no participation fee.

First, get a pamphlet at major stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area or at Shinkansen stations where stamps are installed.

pamflet of stamp rally

Stamps are located outside the ticket gates of each station, so if you use a ticket or IC card (e.g., Suica) to go around, you will be charged a fare each time.

If you have a free pass such as Japan Rail Pass, you can participate at no cost.

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Stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area with stamps

Yokohama Area: Kawasaki Station, Yokohama Station, Fujisawa Station, Odawara Station, Kozukue Station, Sakuragi-cho Station

Tokyo Area: Shibuya Station, Hachioji Station, Kinshicho Station

Saitama Area: Minamiurawa Station

stamp of shibuya station

Shinkansen stations with stamps

Tohoku Shinkansen: Sendai Station, Morioka Station, Shin-Aomori Station

Joetsu Shinkansen: Echigo-Yuzawa Station

Hokuriku Shinkansen: Nagano Station

 tohoku shinkansen

Prizes for collecting stamps

3 stations achievement prize: Original postcard

10 stations achievement prize: Original A4 clear file

Shinkansen Prize(You can get it with any one of the stamps at Shinkansen stations.): Original tote bag

Goal counter locations and prize exchange times 

Special Goal Counter: Yokohama Station North-South Walkway B2F

Prize redemption time: 10:00am-4:00pm

 *Prizes can be redeemed at the special goal counter until Monday, August 14.


Prizes are awarded according to the number of stamps collected. (Example: If you collect 10 stations in the Metropolitan Area Course, you will receive 2 prizes, one for completing 3 stations and the other for completing 10 stations.)

The pamphlet will be returned after the prizes are redeemed.

Prizes are limited.

Even if you bring multiple pamphlets, you will receive only one prize.

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To collect 3 stamps in the shortest time

  1. Kawasaki Station
  2. Get on the train to Sakuragicho Station
  3. Walk to Yokohama Station then get stamp and prize

Let’s go see the Pokemon decorations!

During the period of the stamp rally from mid-July to mid-August 2023, Yokohama Station and Sakuragicho Station will be decorated with Pokemon decorations. Don’t forget to take a picture when you go to collect stamps!

Check here for the latest information!


What is the Pokemon Stamp Rally?

The Pokemon Stamp Rally has been held almost every year since 1997, and has become a regular summer vacation event. Although there have been years when the event has been cancelled due to various reasons, it has become a popular event for children (and adults, of course) to participate during the school summer vacation period, and has remained a popular event to this day due to the advantage for JR East, a railroad company, of earning transportation revenue.

Let’s enjoy summer in Japan by participating in Pokemon Stamp Rally!