Genderless Fashion in Japan

genderless fashion in Japan Situations

Genderless fashion is also gaining popularity in Japan. In the wake of the pandemic, the trend toward more comfortable clothing is a global trend.

Japanese-born brands of genderless fashion

There are so many Japanese brands dealing in genderless fashion. Here are just a few:. Here are some of the most accessible choices from major brands to designers.


JUHA OFFICIAL WEB SITE / ユハ オフィシャルサイト / 公式オンラインストア


OVERCOAT ONLINE STORE(オーバーコート 公式オンラインストア)
Explore and shop OVERCOAT's new collection




ATON | エイトン
OFFICIAL SITE & ONLINE STORE | オフィシャルサイト & オンラインストア 自分のスタイルを確立した大人だからこそ着こなせるリアル・スタンダード。着心地が良いのにツヤっぽい、カチッとしているのに軽いという、フォル...


SHIPS公式通販 | SHIPS any(シップス エニィ)
公式通販サイト。SHIPS any(シップス エニィ) - どんな人にも、どんな場所にも、どんな時にも 似合う服 -


Men’s suits for women can be ordered. There are no physical stores, and staff members travel nationwide to take measurements.



Uniqlo is Japan’s leading fast fashion brand. There has been a trend for women to wear men’s clothes for several years. As a result, it has been displayed in stores as a recommended men’s item for women. Ditto for sister brand GU.

Sales of gender-neutral items have also been prominent in recent years.

Makeup not just for women

More and more men are taking care of their skin beyond the scope of grooming. Many genderless cosmetics have been created in response.

It is said that the rise in men’s sense of beauty can be attributed to the pandemic of the coronavirus. The ability to spend more time and money on themselves during the stay-home period and the skin irritation caused by wearing masks are seen as triggers. However, this is not a transient boom, but is expected to take hold.

Japanese-born brands of genderless cosmetics

In recent years, the number of men’s cosmetic brands has increased, but more than that, the number of brands that offer genderless products has also increased. The following is a list of genderless cosmetics born in Japan, so please refer to them when shopping.

iLLO Cosmetics

iLLO Cosmetics Online Store
日本生まれのジェンダーニュートラルコスメブランド 「iLLO」アイロの公式オンラインストアです。 " JUST BE YOURSELF "全ての人にメイクアップの選択肢を。


FIVEISM × THREE(ファイブイズム バイ スリー)公式ウェブサイト | THREE(スリー)
FIVEISM × THREE(ファイブイズム バイ スリー)公式サイト。コンセプトは“INDIVIDUALITY(個性)”。話題のメンズメイクを始め、性差・年齢を超えてLimitlessなスタイルを提案する。新しい時代のコスメブランドです...


ジェンダーレスコスメ – NALC(ナルク)
美はジェンダーを超える。ジェンダーを超えて、年齢を超えて、肌質を超えて。 外面からも内面からも、美しさを引き出そう。 どんな価値観をもっていてもいい。 いつからスタートしてもいい。 一人で悩まなくてもいい。 実力のある化粧品と、NALCと、...


ness公式ブランドサイト。 ジェンダーレス、エイジレス、ボーダレス。 さまざまな既成概念を解放し、ひとりひとりのウェスネスを高めていく提案をしていくブランド。 ファッション、ウェルネス、インテリア、ライフスタイルなどカテゴリーにとらわれな...
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Traditional genderless fashion yukata

couples in yukata of ryokan
Yukata in Ryokan(Japanese-inn)

To put it in detail, yukata can be said to be genderless, although there are differences between men and women in the way they wear it and the ideal length. As exemplified by the yukata used as a ryokan’s gown, the more casual the genders become, the less demarcated they become. The characteristic of yukata is that it does not only choose gender but also body type. This can be seen by the fact that sumo wrestlers usually wear yukata. If you want to see how comfortable it is, why not try a rental yukata?

For more information, see the article “Walk the streets in a kimono.”

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