Highlights of Miyagi Prefecture

highlights of miyagi prefecture Excursion

Miyagi Prefecture is home to Sendai City, the largest city in the Tohoku region. The Pacific Ocean side of the prefecture has many good ports, and the inland area is bordered by the Ou Mountains. The following are the regions and cities of Miyagi Prefecture and their tourist attractions.

City of Sendai

Sendai is the largest city in Tohoku. Underpopulated areas tend to be more concentrated, and Sendai is a perfect example of this in the Tohoku region. The Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train connects Sendai to Tokyo in as little as one hour. Sendai has developed thanks to its accessibility to the city center and the fact that it is located in the Tohoku region, which is blessed with a climate that does not have much snowfall.

Ruins of Sendai Castle

masamune date statue

The castle was built by Date Masamune, a feudal lord in the Warring States period. He is still very popular and his statue here is a symbol of the city of Sendai. The castle buildings do not remain, but the stonewalls show traces of those days. Access is about 20 minutes by bus from Sendai Station.


Matsushima Bay in the Pacific Ocean is home to numerous small islands. The scenery with its thick growth of pine trees is known as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. The Godaido Temple and Zuigan-ji Temple are also must-sees.

Matsushima Pleasure Boat

The best way to see the small islands in Matsushima Bay is to take a sightseeing boat. In addition to the one that leaves Matsushima Port and circles the bay, there are also those that go from Matsushima Port to Shiogama Port and from Shiogama Port to Matsushima Port, so make good use of them and enjoy sightseeing in the area.


Shiogama is known for its proximity to the port and its many high-level sushi restaurants serving fresh fish. Many restaurants offer sushi set menus, making them accessible even to tourists. Shiogama Shrine is a historic shrine that has been documented in Heian period records.

sushi in shiogama

Ishinomaki, Minamisanriku and Kesennuma

In Minamisanriku Town, which was severely damaged by the 2011 tsunami, the remains of the disaster are preserved along with the 3.11 Memorial. Ishinomaki has the Ishinomori Manga Museum, which is dedicated to the manga drawn by Shotaro Ishinomori. Kesennuma has a unique ice aquarium. Each port town has its own charm.

Pokémon Train

The only Pokémon train in Japan terminates at Kesennuma Station in Miyagi Prefecture. The train departs from Ichinoseki Station in Iwate Prefecture and runs on the Kesennuma Line, which goes from inland to the Pacific Ocean side. The train is all about Pokémon, both inside and out, and fans are sure to want to ride it at least once.

For more information about the Pokémon train, please see this article.

Ishinomori Manga Museum

ishinomori manga museum

A museum dedicated to manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori, known as the creator of Cyborg 009 and Kamen Rider. Visitors can experience the world of his works. The 15-minute walk from Ishinomaki Station is marked by statues of manga characters.


The Senzan Line and the Rikuu East Line connect Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures. On both lines, there are hot spring resorts of high quality. Sakunami Onsen on the Senzan Line is located close to Sendai City in a mountainous area rich in nature. Naruko Onsen on the Rikuu Higashi Line has long been known as a famous hot spring, and is lined with many hot spring inns. It is famous for its beautiful autumn leaves, which are at their best around November.

Naruko Onsen

With a wide variety of spring qualities and an abundance of hot springs, Naruko Onsen is especially recommended for those who love hot springs. Kokeshi dolls were popular in the Edo period as souvenirs and children’s toys. Naruko is famous for its autumn foliage, which is usually at its best from late October to November.

Sakunami Onsen and Akiu Onsen

These two hot springs are easily accessible from Sendai Station. Both are located in mountainous areas rich in nature, and are recommended for a relaxing stay that is different from those in Sendai City.

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Shiraishi is a town located at the foot of the Zao mountain range in the southern part of the prefecture. Zao Fox Village, a popular place to see foxes up close, is located here. Kamasaki Onsen Hot Springs are also nearby, although not as large.

Zao Fox Village

You’ll even get a chance to hold a fox.

The village is located in the middle of Miyagi Zao, about 40 minutes by bus from Shiroishi Station on the Tohoku Main Line. There are many foxes, and visitors can have a unique experience like entering a fox’s cage. The winter-haired foxes are especially cute and fluffy.

Recommended Souvenirs

Hagi no Tsuki

A palm-sized fluffy sponge cake filled with custard cream. The yellow, round appearance is likened to the moon. A classic Miyagi Prefecture souvenir popular with everyone from children to the elderly.



Fish paste shaped like a bamboo grass leaf and baked. It is characterized by its plump texture, making it easy to eat even for those who do not like fish. There are many famous manufacturers in Miyagi Prefecture, and you can enjoy different tastes. Some can be eaten as street food.

Zunda Mochi

Zunda is made by mashing edamame (soybeans) and adding sugar. In the Tohoku region, it is served over rice cakes. Not only rice cakes, but also other sweets using Zunda are becoming popular. Zunda shakes, in particular, are sold at Sendai Station and are extremely popular. Drink it when you arrive at and leave Sendai Station!

Beef tongue roast

sendai beef tongue roast

It is said that this dish was born in Sendai after the war as a way to enjoy tasty beef tongue. The standard beef tongue set meal includes grilled beef tongue, barley rice, tail soup, asazuke (pickled vegetables), and chili peppers pickled in miso. There are many specialty restaurants in Sendai.

My favorite♥

I love to read books. That’s why I get excited when I go to places where there are lots of books, such as large bookstores and libraries. I even don’t want to go there when I don’t have much time because I want to take my time and look around. One such library I like is in Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture.

It is easily accessible from Tagajo Station on the Senseki Line, about 20 minutes from Sendai Station, and there is a Starbucks on the first floor where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book. Some books are also available for purchase, making it a bookstore as well. Why don’t you spend a little luxury time at the library during your trip?

So why don’t we head out to Miyagi Prefecture?