Discover the vibrant spirit of Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2024 through the eyes of a dedicated volunteer, advocating for change and diversity in Japan's LGBTQ community. Explore their firsthand insights and experiences in this empowering event celebrating love, acceptance, and progress.

Gays and Lesbians in Japanese Subcultures

Delve into the diverse and evolving world of Japanese subcultures, where "BL" and "Yuri" genres have established themselves through comics, depicting romantic relationships between men and women, respectively. Discover how these genres have transcended the realms of manga and anime, gaining increasing popularity and mainstream recognition, even influencing dramas and other media. Uncover the captivating stories and cultural significance of gays and lesbians in Japanese subcultures, offering a unique perspective on romance and human connections.

Japanese Celebrities and LGBTQ

Explore the environment surrounding LGBTQ in the Japanese entertainment industry through this enlightening article. Discover insights into how Japanese celebrities navigate the LGBTQ landscape, shedding light on the progress and challenges faced by the community in the realm of Japanese showbiz. Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving attitudes and efforts towards inclusivity in the vibrant world of Japanese entertainment.

Onsen Tips for LGBTQ People

Concerned about gender-segregated onsen? There is onsen for you too. I want all people to experience Japanese onsen.

Is Japan LGBTQ Friendly?

Is Japan LGBTQ friendly? As a Japanese, I can answer that question. Actually the answer is yes and no. Let me explain.

LGBTQ Situation in Japan Today

Japan is one of the most developed countries, yet one of the least responsive to gender equality. So what about the rights of LGBTQ people?