Discover the Enchantment of Resort Shirakami: Scenic Train Journey Along the Sea of Japan

discover the enchantment of resort Shirakami train Excursion

Resort Shirakami is a sightseeing train that runs on the JR Gono Line between Akita and Aomori prefectures. The beauty of the scenery from the windows of the train, which runs along the Sea of Japan side, and the attractive sightseeing spots along the line are its main selling points. The train has been popular since its introduction in 1997. It is also a savior for the depopulation of the area and the declining number of passengers on the line.

Train Features

As of 2024, three 4-car trains are running. The exterior and interior designs are different from each other and are inspired by the surrounding nature.

The number of trains in service increases or decreases depending on the season.

About seats

The box seats are installed on the sea view side and the A and D seats are on the window side.

Within the Gono Line (between Higashi-Noshiro and Kawabe Station). “A” seat of the ordinary car reserved seat has a sea view.

Be aware that you may be seated with other parties should you be traveling under the party of 3.

The fare for reserved seats are same for both ordinary car reserved seats and box seats.

Timetable and Calendar

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Major Stations and Sightseeing Spots

Aomori Station

Aomori Nebuta festival

The center of Aomori City is located around this station. It is also the site of the famous Nebuta Festival. Experience Aomori Nebuta Festival all year at Nebuta Museum Wa Rasse then satisfy your appetite as well as find great souvenirs at A-FACTORY.

Hirosaki Station

Hirosaki, the heart of Tsugaru. Come in contact with the history of the ancient city at Zenringai and Hirosaki Castle, a tourism base as well as Western culture by touring Western architectures.

Goshogawara Station

goshogawara Tachineputa

A tachineputa of about 23 meters in height which is actually used in festivals is exhibited at the Tachineputa House.  After changing to Tsugaru Railway, be sure to visit the home of Osamu Dazai, a literature mastermind, at Kanagi.

Juniko Station


Juniko Lake has 33 stunningly aesthetic lakes and marshes including “Aoike”in the beech forest. Enjoy walking through the magnificent nature during any season.

During winter, some areas in Juniko Lake are off limits to tourists without professional guides including Anone Shirakami Juniko Lake.

Wespa Tsubakiyama Station

Enjoy an exceptional bath at the secluded hot spring, Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen with the sounds of waves and sea breeze. A view of the magnificent sea stretches across in front of the outdoor onsen. The outdoor onsen may not be available due to the weather. Reception for day use of the outdoor onsen is available until 15:30.

Noshiro Station

Noshiro is a basketball town with a prestigious high school basketball school. After stopping at the platform, you can experience shooting at the basketball goal.

(When Resort Shirakami car no. 1 and 3 stops. Not available during winter.)

Akita Station

akita kanto

Akita City Folk Performing Arts Heritage Center (Neburi Nagashi Kan)

Enjoy the exhibition area of “Kanto Festival” that brightens the summer of Akita as well as the experience of Kanto.

Tips for excursion

If you ride the train all the way from Aomori Station to Akita Station, it will take more than five hours. While you can enjoy the scenery from the windows of the train on the Gono-Line, that does not allow you to enjoy the sights along the way. To begin with, considering that it takes about 4 hours to reach Akita and Aomori Stations from Tokyo Station, I recommend that you plan your schedule with 3-4 days or more.

You can take the Resort Shirakami from Akita Station, stay overnight around Juniko Station, and then head for Aomori Station, or you can start from the Aomori Station side and head for Akita Station. Since there are not many trains in this area, plan in advance.